Children's Military Model Toy Gun

产品净重0.45 kg 产品毛重0.45 kg材质塑料/塑胶产地广东品牌其他是否卡通、动漫否产品类别软弹枪规格40*9.5*16CM是否静态模型是是否电动否控制方式力控是否多功能否是否能够DIY否包装方式P罩加工定制是是否外贸是加工方式LOGO贴牌外贸类型出口是否有动漫形象否是否有导购视频否是否拼装否适用年龄少年(7-14岁)

  • Model:

Net weight of product 0.45 kg

The gross weight of the product is 0.45 kg

Material Plastics/Plastics

Origin Guangdong

Brand other

Whether cartoon, animation or not

Product Category Soft Bullet Gun

Specification 40*9.5*16CM

Whether the static model is

Whether electric or not

Control mode force control

Is it multifunctional or not?

Is it possible to DIY or not?

Packing mode P cover

Processing customization is

Whether foreign trade is

Processing method LOGO labeling

Exports of Foreign Trade Types

Is there an animation image?

Is there a video guide?

Whether to assemble or not

Adolescents of applicable age (7-14 years old)